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KIKA ESPEJO - Visual Artist, Curator, and Arts Manager

originally from Spain and based in New York City since 2009, Espejo's artistic practice revolves around issues of identity and the role that social and psychological constructs play in the processes of signification. She uses a variety of mediums including photography, video, and performance. In her work as a curator, Espejo addresses issues about the representation of the body, always linked to action, process, and performative action. Espejo is a graduate of the Master of Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her most notable exhibitions include "La retorica del abandono," a travel exhibition that was held in 3 cities around Spain, "What I Think I Am," which was presented at SOAK Festival 2014 in New York, "Salon Puebla 2019," in which she presented a co-created piece with Mexican visual artist Cesar Lopez, and "Stillspotting NYC.” project developed by the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 2011. Her work as a curator includes the collaboration with Rabbithole Gallery in New York, RE:ARTISTE's international exhibition "Show Your World," and the creation of the exhibition space at the San Jorge University, Espacio en Blanco, in Zaragoza, Spain. Espejo is also the founder and director of The Espejo Organization for the Arts and Us for the Arts, two arts management organizations focused on foreign-born and migrant artists, and chief editor of the online publication Contemporary Creative Practice Magazine. 


2009 - 2012

MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media School of Visual Arts New York, USA

2005 - 2009

BA Advertising and Public Relations

Universidad San Jorge, Zaragoza, Spain

Fellowships, Grants, and Residencies




CAVE Leimay Fellowship, New York, (USA)

Alice Beck-Odette Grant, School of Visual Arts, New York, (USA)

OPENART2009 Talleres de Arte Contemporaneo, Zaragoza, (Spain)

Selected Exhibitions 



Palabras de Aliento (Words of Breath). Rabbithole Projects,

Brooklyn, NY (USA). Curated by The Espejo Organization for the



What I Think I Am. SOAK Festival, CAVE, Brooklyn, NY (USA).

Curated by Leimay.


Not Forgiven, Nor Forgotten. Columbus Day Parade. New York



La retórica del abandono. Traveling exhibition. Curated by Miriam

Sánchez. Sala Multicaja, Zaragoza (Spain). Sala Multicaja, Huesca



Indicios son lugares. Sala Gallizo, Zaragoza (Spain)


La retórica del abandono. Espacio en Blanco, San Jorge University,

Zaragoza (Spain)

Contact Me

(347) 484 6212

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