July 17, 2016

if you could send a message of love and support to any part of the world, what would you say? where would you send it or who would you send it to? 

last may, i performed 'palabras de aliento', what translates as words of breath, at rabbithole projects in brooklyn. in spanish, we use this expression when we show our support and care through loving words. in this performance, i invited the audience to send their loving messages by speaking the directly into my mouth. i then translated this words into breath, and stored them into little containers. each member of the audience was then invited to mark the container specifying where in the world and to whom the would like this message to be delivered to. 

in the next weeks i will be sending this words messages to their addressees, hoping to bring a little more hope and support to those places and persons all around the world.

the purple dots mark all the places in the world where this messages will be sent to. 

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