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Palabras de Aliento (Words of Breath) 2016

is a performance piece that took place at Rabbithole Projects during the EOarts Performance Series 2016 where I acted as a translator for messages of hope. Aliento means breathe in Spanish, but also encouragement and inspiration. The expression “Palabras de Aliento” is used when difficult times come and people offer and support others by loving words. In this performance, I invited the audience to express their encouraging words to the world by transmitting their messages into my mouth. I took these words and translated them into breath to then store them in airtight containers. The member of the audience then decided what part of the world, and what specific person if any, they wanted to send this message to. After the performance, the members of the audience were able to track their messages through a web page where they accessed the status of their message while in transit and could view the documented release of the message once it reached its destination.

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